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Finavia offers a free Wi-Fi with unlimited use for all passengers at Helsinki Airport. The connection is fast (100Mbs) and easy to use.

When your device is in the wireless network area, information about the internet connection is displayed automatically on your screen. The connection appears under the heading ”HEL Free Wi-Fi-Open www.finavia.fi”.

To improve the customer experience and services at our Airport, we collect information about the movement of Wi-Fi enabled devices in the Airport area.

Based on the user information gathered it is neither possible to sort out or identify individual devices. Therefore it is impossible to collect or save any information about the users. We are tracking the mobility patterns only on a general level.

For more information, please visit Walkbase.com.

All over the terminal (Show on the map)
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Ari • 19.6.2017
Perfect WiFi connection on two android devices. It is very cool that there is free connection in the airport and it doesn't require anything to use. I really appreciate your work, guys.
Amir Sultanbekov • 12.6.2017
Could not connect. I have an android phone.
Lisa • 1.6.2017
works fine for my Iphone and Ipad but it's impossible to connect the VPN of my PC, sounds to be recurrent since 2016 when reading the reviews. I am here for 5 hours and won't be able to work You should really fix this.
Yann Levrel • 12.5.2017
WiFi does not work from iPad. When I turn wifi on, I don't get the browser page where I could accept the user rules. This problem has been there for some time now (I travel frequently).Why Finavia does not do anything?
Laura Heinonen • 28.3.2017
Does not work :-(
Matthias Riedel • 17.3.2017
Hi,I have the following devices: 1) Phone: Google Nexus 6P 2) Tablet: Surface Pro 4Helsinki Airport Free Wi-Fi connection: 1) always connects. Works perfectly. 2) doesn't connect. The issue is that the browser doesn't automatically start and therefore it doesn't go to the Helsinki Airport homepage so I can't press the "connect" button.How can I force my browser to visit the Helsinki Airport homepage so I can press the "connect" button?
Alan • 6.2.2017
Does not work. Im at the airport every month and it's only worked the first time and that was for like an hour. Same for my iPhone and Mac computer- none of the devices work. Very frustrating since I Can't work and that's why I'm here. Please look this up ASAP.
Sara • 2.2.2017
Didn't work/connect at all 15-16th and 26-27th of July with my iPad, very frustating cause needed to spend night at the airport and I planned to work... Didn't work with my friend computer either. Been working like a dream before, with the same iPad. Hope you have fixed it cause night at the airport is ahead again soon.
Anita Mäntynen • 28.9.2016
Impossible to connect with a Mac
Federico • 7.9.2016
I've logged in successfully with my phone. However when I tried to use my iPad the wifi only works in a browser and does not work for my apps... Hope this will be fixed by the next time I come to the airport.
Mellisa • 14.7.2016
Works great on Windows pc, but cannot connect my Windowsphone (cannot open browser without active connection, so chicken and egg problem), therefore no whatsapp or other app-based chat to tell people back home of Progress and arrival. Could this be fixed?
Espen • 29.4.2016
Excellent, always available, full service, and free!!!!!!!!!!
Les • 23.4.2016
Was able to play HayDay while waiting the plane to departure. Great and simple service. Few questions was not a problem to me.
Keijo Matikainen • 3.4.2016
Refuses to open connect window in a Mac
Andreas • 7.3.2016
Like in all Swedish and Norwegian airports Eduroam should be offered!
David • 26.1.2016
Would be five stars, but the recently added "How energetic do you feel?" questions are an unnecessary nuisance - three clicks instead of one to get online. Still, it beats 99% of airport wifis with a long stick.
Jarmi Eskelinen • 25.1.2016
Works fine, but VPN doesn't seem to connect. GRE issues, maybe?
Henkka • 16.1.2016

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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