Gate 27, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
 Mon-Sun 5.30-20.00

ASPIRE lounge by Swissport
28 ratings

When you want to rest or take a shower, Aspire Lounge is a great choice.

Finnish design is everywhere in our lounge. We use world-famous Finnish Arabia tableware and blocks of wood as tables. Colours are strong and forms clear.

The lounge is divided into different types of working and resting areas with curtains both for individuals and groups.

If you need to refresh, you can take a shower. Towels, cosmetics and birdsong belong to the package. You can also read Finnish and foreign magazines with an Ipad tablet. WLAN is available. Our service-orientated personnel can tell you the boarding times of flights and give other advice.

Open to all passengers

All passengers are welcome to our lounge. You can pay the entrance fee or show us one of the following cards:

  • Priority Pass
    Airport Angel
    Business class ticket of certain airlines (NB! Please, check from your airline)
    Membership programs of airlines (higher than basic level)

From breakfast to tapas

Our servings vary throughout the day. Drinks are included. You can choose coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, spirits and wines. Our customers value new experiences so the wines are changed every quarter. We buy the wines directly from importers.


  • Breakfast: Croissants, yoghurt, muesli, etc.
  • Fruits and snacks: Cookies, chocolate, etc.
  • Tapas
  • Vegetable puree soups
Gate 27, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
 Mon-Sun 5.30-20.00
Aika köykäinen ruoka. Vihreätä salaattia ja jotain peruslisukkeita. Tomaattikeittoa joka ihan ok. Viinit olivat hyvin valittuja. Ihan ok hintaan.
Iv • 9.3.2017
Ja jatkan edellisten linjalla: vaihtelevuutta ruokatarjontaan, kiitos. Muutenkin niukka tarjonta, joten olisi kiva, kun olisi edes vaihtelevuutta. Viimeksi tilat ja pöydät siistissä kunnossa sekä mukavan rauhallista.
Laaaa • 24.1.2017
Useampia vastaavia kiertäneenä...yhdyn edellisten arvioiden kommentteihin...ruoka tarjonta niukka,vaihtelevuus puuttuu.Muuten ilmapiiri rauhallinen ja viihtyisä.
Arde • 6.1.2017
Aspire lounge has been pretty reasonable before but now it was crowded with crying and playing children and when pointing this out to the staff, they weren't interested at all. Of course children are accepted and should be, but raging group of infants yelling and running around should be notified and controlled. Also all of the tables were full of used plates and glasses while the staff were just sitting there and chatting with each other. Definitely not the first place where to go before a flight.
Kim • 2.1.2017
Samat ruoat kuukaudesta toiseen, jo alkaa tympiä. Gluteenittomat leivät joudut erikseen pyytämään henkilökunnalta. 30.11. siellä viimeksi ollessani ihmisiä oli paljon ja niin oli likaisia astioitakin. Tyhjää ja puhdasta pöytää en löytänyt. Pari tuntia ehdin olla, kun ensimmäisen kerran näin pöytiä siivottavan. Ei hyvä.
Tea • 13.12.2016
Nice lounge. Breakfast was good althoug limited items.
Jussi • 18.10.2016
Closes too early. Food and drinks are pretty good. Most of the seats are quite uncomfortable - probably because they don't want people spend too much time there.
KM • 5.10.2016
I really did not like this lounge, i have been there twice. First time I thougt maybe just bad luck, very low quality on food and vine. Was offered tomatosoup and cold meatballs and some salad. Very low quality. Some days after, I returned and came back to Aspire and was offered exact same food and exact same quality. Not up to international standard. And the staff was not nice either.
Angelica • 4.10.2016
Miksi lounge aukeaa vasta 5.30! Eikö sen pitäisi aueta niin, että kaikki aamulennoillekin lähtevät pääsisi sinne ennen koneen lähtöä?
Marja Sillanpää • 4.10.2016
Not a bad lounge - spacious, the food sometimes might not be great, but it's decent. Really don't like the fact that it closes already at 20:00. All three times there were still quite a decent amount of people at that time. Maybe don't let new people in and stop refilling food plates and offering alcohol, but at least don't throw all the people out at precisely 20:00.
Krisjanis • 30.9.2016
Siisti ja hyvä lounge. Aamiainen ihan ok, ei valtavaa valiokoimaa, mutta riittävä. Ystävälliset työntekijät vastaanotossa. Hyvä tapa aloittaa aamu ja matkanteko tässä loungessa, teen sen toistekin.
EeLa • 8.6.2016
The lounge offers a good atmosphere and a peaceful place to relax before the flight. The food is typical lounge, but ok. Wine selection could be added with sparkling wine instead of offering champagne for sale? All in all, quite ok place to relax before the flight.
Juha Fieandt • 29.5.2016
The lounge is good although the sitting is a bit uncomfortable... Good for a short stay less then 30 mins. Food is good and ambience is great
Sameer • 25.5.2016
Ruokatarjoilut niukat; aamupalalla hyvin yksinkertainen tarjonta ja siitäkin osa loppu. Pienellä yrityksellä/extralla tästä saisi ihan toimivan, mutta aikalailla säästölinjalla on tarjoilut laitettu. Toisena huomiona miesten vessa järkyttävässä kunnossa eikä palaakaan paperia löytynyt vessoista/pesutiloista. Muut tilat sinänsä mukavat ja viihtyisät, joten jos tuohon ruoka/tarjoilupuoleen kiinnitettäisiin huomiota, niin päästäisiin parempaan lopputulokseen.
MT • 14.5.2016
Very limited food. You're not allowed to have take-away coffee on your way to your gate... And in case you were planning to take a shower, guess what... This costs an additional 10€ ! This is unique in the world of business lounges !
Daniel • 11.5.2016
Felt really uncomfortable and unwelcome travelling with two kids. When we asked for a high chair, the answer was unfriendly: "No, this is a business lounge. " We travel very often and our kids always behave nicely. Will not be using this lounge in the future.
Elina Mäkinen • 28.3.2016
A terrible lounge, with limited, low quality food and drink. Not up to international standards, and gives a poor impression of Finland.
Eric Sandberg • 21.2.2016
Plusses: * When there's not much crowd the lounge is clean * The swing ball chairs are really nice and relaxing (if the place is not full and if the swing chair section is not taken over by a child-apocalypse * For Finland a decent selection of amenities, sometimes even half decent snacks (last time nice creamy and spicy thai soup, and pulled pork that was not that bad)Bad: * Very bare bones, and only the essentials. Has a very "economy" like feel; everything from what snacks are being served to the material choices and furtinure screams "bargain basement stuff" * When crowded, not peaceful at all, has a feeling like you'd be in Ikea restaurant at rush hour, and very trashy/dirty feel not clean * From the airport side windows the views are blocked by a horrendous metal framing that looks like the whole airport is under construction, not a nice moodcaster
Karri • 20.2.2016
Sinänsä rauhallinen paikka, mutta tarjoilu nykyisin varsin rajallista sekä ruoan että juomien suhteen. Ensikertalaisen vaikea löytää apteekin takaa.
Matkavanhus • 10.1.2016
Viihtyisat tilat, riittava valikoima ja suhteellisen hyva palvelu. Sahkopistokkeita aivan liian niukasti.
Toni • 21.12.2015
Vastaanotossa ala-arvoinen asiakspalvelija. Tämä on sitten maksullinen palvelu. Kai tiedän kortinhaltijana mistä maksan. Tarjottavat loppu. Pöytiä ei siivottu. Astiat loppui.
Marko matkaaja • 12.12.2015
Hyvä lounge. Hyvä aamupala ja muutkin tarjoilut.
Jari lukkarinen • 10.11.2015
Clean but small and poor food
Teppo • 1.7.2015

Kiitos arvostelustasi!

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