Gate 22, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 5.30-24
Contact information
Finnair Lounge
+358 9 818 5336

Finnair Lounge
16 ratings

Relax and let your mind rest in a light lounge decorated with Nordic design.

The Finnair Lounge in the Schengen area offers various working and lounging areas. You can browse the internet using Wi-Fi even during peak hours and charge your phone using the Aircharge station.

We have two private shower rooms in case you want to get cleaned up. There is even a small play area for those travelling with children. In the new Relax room, you can relax in a Neurosonic relaxation chair.

Our food offering varies by time, season and week. The rhythm remains unchanged; we serve hot breakfast from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., a salad buffet and hot soup from 10 a.m. to midnight and hot meals from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. We serve beer, wine, juice and mineral water with the food.

If you are Finnair’s business class passenger (the flight ticket has Finnair’s AY code), Finnair Plus Platinum or Gold member or Oneworld Emerald or Sapphire member, entrance to the lounge is free in connection with Finnair flights.  Access (max. 3 h) may also be purchased from the lounge reception with cash or card from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information please visit our website https://www.finnair.com/fi/gb/information-services/at-the-airport/lounges

Gate 22, 3rd floor (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Mon-Sun 5.30-24
Contact information
Finnair Lounge
+358 9 818 5336
Ei kannata suunnata ellet halua keskittyä pelkästään juomatarjoiluihin. Ruoka on heikkoa ja sitä ei oikeastaan ole edes tiettyihin aikoihin tarjolla. Vaikka Silver-kortilla ei pääsekään enää sisään, on taso heikko ja en tästä itse kyllä maksaisi ollenkaan.
Jhv • 18.8.2017
As other have already commented, appalling selection of food and the "salad buffet" is two bowls of plain salad with bread. Overheard the staff talking today - one of them said that they're expecting 60 more people and they were running out of one of the "hot dishes". The reply from her colleague: "then we run out" (the catch here is that they have two "hot dishes", which is to say that they have two kinds of dry sandwiches under a hot light). If this wasn't free, I would absolutely never set a foot in this place.
mbent • 17.8.2017
Too small and crowded,it's sooo hard to find a seat from 3 pm and less food, I would rather stay outside the lounge that I could find a seat. I am a loyal customer of Finnair, I traveled between China and Europe by Finnair for 6 years, I had a excellent experience with Finnair, everything is perfect! But the Finnair lounge could be bigger and better.
Dapeng Luo • 16.8.2017
Kysyn vain että miten Finnair muka palvelee business luokan matkustajia kun lounge avautuu klo 05:30 ja lento lähtee klo 05:40? Surkeaa, todella luokatonta.
Joni • 31.7.2017
Taso laskee jatkuvasti. Klo 15 aikoihin tarjolla keittoa ja epämääräistä salaattimössöä. Istumapaikkaa saa etsiä vaikka Finnair on estänyt Silver-korttilaisten pääsyn loungeen, tila on aina täysi. Tästä ei missään tapauksessa kannata maksaa!
ph • 13.7.2017
Ben • 13.7.2017
I always fly with Finnair (Mainly because I do not have any Other option) Food selection is very disappointing other than breakfast and hot meal at 1500PM. Do not even think about busting other hours. I do not understand, why they do not offer good lunch during lunch hours. During 10-15 You will find some salad and tasteless soup. I think, Finnair spending money on upgrading the appearance of the lounge, but not the food and beverages. I do not recommend this lounge if you go there by paying. Do try other lounges in Helsinki. We just go since I have no option. Otherwise I have already switched to Star alliance.
Madhusanka Liyanage • 31.5.2017
Typical Finnair quality: under average.
Jk • 31.5.2017
Ensikertalaista kokemusta 24.5.2017
Varpu • 25.5.2017
Kannattaa vain,jos aikoo nauttia runsaasti alkoholia. Heikot ruokatarjoilut.
Ville • 18.5.2017
The link to purchase lounge access didn't work and when I walked in to pay for access to the lounge I was turned away and was asked to return in 3 hrs time. I kindly asked if they could make an acception as I had a 5 hour wait and I tried to buy the access prior to arrival and the supervisor spoke Finish to the rep and the rep told me to come back in 3 hours. I chose finnair because I previously had a wonderful experience with them, but with the customer service I received today, I'm not sure how inclined I will be to fly finnair again.
Liat • 5.4.2017
En suosittele lapsiperheille. Hinta 39 euroa / hlö, mutta tarjottavan ruuan heikko taso ja valikoima hämmästytti meidät kaikki! Olisi tosiaan kannattanut syödä muualla. Oletettiin turhaan saavamme esim. leikkeleitä, juustoja tai jogurttia, saati sitten herkkuja. Ensi kerralla mieluummin ruoka tilataan vaikka lentokoneesta. Sopii pikemmin aikuisille, jotka haluavat istua parille viinille tai oluelle rauhassa.
Nipsu • 3.7.2016
Crowded, poor food and no drinks available. Even hotels offer sparkling wine for breakfast!
Juha Fieandt • 14.6.2016

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