Arrivals hall 2B (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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+358 10 766 9330 (see the calling rates on company's web site)

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This Alepa shop is located conveniently along the trip, and you can buy a lot of other goods besides food there.

Leaving or returning home? Pop at Alepa.

We offer the most delicious gifts and presents at low prices. Our shelves are packed with rye bread, gravlax, salty liquorice, Fazer chocolate and other Finnish delicacies. If you want to be even more original passenger, take rye crisps, Finnish squeaky cheese or Xylitol chewing gum home with you. 

Our Moomin product offering ranges from Moomin cups to delicacies.

Our product range also includes goods often forgotten home, such as reading glasses, toothbrushes, chargers, sunglasses and memory sticks – as well as travel adapters working in 150 countries.

Freshly baked Vaasan and Fazer bread come in very early in the morning. Our extensive in-house bakery range allows you to buy freshly baked Karelian pastries, croissants and other delicacies 24 hours a day.

You can buy genuine Finnish foodstuffs at Alepa. We are open 24/7. 


Arrivals hall 2B (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Contact information
+358 10 766 9330 (see the calling rates on company's web site)
The shop offers a wide range of products, the breads are fresh, cheap and especially good; however I've seen wrong display of price tags many times and on many shelves. I've once paid 1.59e for a bread of which price tag showed 0.75e (none of the price tags near it showed 1359e), the Rainbow riisivälipala's price was shown 0.59e, but when checked out it was 065e,...). It's confusing especially for those who can't understand Finnish very well.
Huong • 1.11.2017
Deeba • 7.6.2017
Kun Suomeen palaa pitkältä ulkomaanreissulta, ei tee mitään mieli enempää kuin kylmää megaforcea. Lentoaseman Alepa on kuin Jumalan siunaus, sillä siellä megikset ovat vieläpä kylmässä. Kun astun koneesta ulos ja kävelen jet bridgeä kohti terminaalia näen jo silmissäni killtävän sen ihanan punamustan tölkin, johon tuo elämän eliksiiri on pakattu. Kylmä mäfä kyllä lämmittää sydäntä ja sielua 15h lennon ja vähän lyhyempienkin jälkeen.
Energy • 31.1.2017
Eemi • 28.1.2017
Paras lisäys lentokentän tarjontaan, ever.
Juuso • 16.1.2017
Marcus Oljelund • 8.1.2017
Kiitos Alepa !
Tapi • 22.12.2016
Tälle on ollut tarvetta jo hieman pidemmän aikaa. Pelastaa lapsiperheen kukkaron lennolle mentäessä.
Janne-Pekka • 18.4.2016
Alepa on selvää säästöä
Siwa • 25.3.2016
Johanna • 12.3.2016
kiitos alepa, kiitos helsinki-vantaa
ANTTI • 2.3.2016

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