Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2B (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Contact information
+358 10 766 9330 (see the calling rates on company's web site)

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Are you departing or returning home? You can make purchases at Alepa 24/7. Alepa at Helsinki Airport not only sells groceries, but other products as well.

Are you hungry? Grab a chicken salad, sushi or fresh pastries. Did you forget your toothbrush, reading glasses or your charger? Don’t worry, we have it all.

Delicious souvenirs

Our Moomin product selection stretches from Moomin mugs to delicacies. We have Moomin mamma's power drink, Moomin tea and Moomin chewing gum. Candy shelves are full of Finnish chocolate, xylitol chewing gum and other Finnish innovations.

If you prefer salty treats, try Finnish salt cured salmon or rye bread.

Our wide selection

  • Groceries, sweets and chewing gums
  • Take away salads, breads and sushi
  • Soft drinks and cold coffee beverages
  • Yogurts and energy drinks
  • Nuts and crisps
  • Hair accessories from Ibero and daily cosmetics from Lumene.
  • Toys, books and magazines
  • Souvenirs
  • HSL travel tickets
  • Travel accessories: Sleep masks, travel locks, etc.
  • Small electronic devices: adapters, chargers, earphones
  • Stockings and socks

Tips from shop manager

"A frequent traveller can buy a travel adaptor from us that works in over 150 countries. Our selection also includes things that one easily forgets at home such as reading glasses or toothbrush. We develop our selection all the time according to our customers' wishes.

If your flight is delayed you can shop with Finnair vouchers in our shop."

Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2B (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Contact information
+358 10 766 9330 (see the calling rates on company's web site)
Kun Suomeen palaa pitkältä ulkomaanreissulta, ei tee mitään mieli enempää kuin kylmää megaforcea. Lentoaseman Alepa on kuin Jumalan siunaus, sillä siellä megikset ovat vieläpä kylmässä. Kun astun koneesta ulos ja kävelen jet bridgeä kohti terminaalia näen jo silmissäni killtävän sen ihanan punamustan tölkin, johon tuo elämän eliksiiri on pakattu. Kylmä mäfä kyllä lämmittää sydäntä ja sielua 15h lennon ja vähän lyhyempienkin jälkeen.
Energy • 31.1.2017
Eemi • 28.1.2017
Paras lisäys lentokentän tarjontaan, ever.
Juuso • 16.1.2017
Marcus Oljelund • 8.1.2017
Kiitos Alepa !
Tapi • 22.12.2016
Tälle on ollut tarvetta jo hieman pidemmän aikaa. Pelastaa lapsiperheen kukkaron lennolle mentäessä.
Janne-Pekka • 18.4.2016
Alepa on selvää säästöä
Siwa • 25.3.2016
Johanna • 12.3.2016
kiitos alepa, kiitos helsinki-vantaa
ANTTI • 2.3.2016

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