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Helsinki Duty Free (T1)
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Duty free shop for passengers leaving on international flights. The product range includes cosmetics, beverages and sweets.

The airport duty-free shops serve passengers outbound on international flights. When you are travelling to destinations outside of the EU, you can always shop at low duty free prices.

There are four Helsinki Duty Free shops at the airport, allowing international passengers to discover duty free finds from a product range of over 10,000 products. 

With our Reserve & Collect service, you can take a look at our product range and reserve duty free products before your journey. You can save time and pick up your order pre-packed at the Duty Free shop at gate 22.

The Terminal 1 shop (gate 13) offers the most popular cosmetics brands, beverages and sweets.

The product range of the Helsinki Duty Free Lounge Shop (gate 50 A-M) covers cosmetics, fragrances, beverages, sweets and souvenirs.

Our main shop Helsinki Duty Free (gate 22) serves passengers with a truly extensive portfolio of cosmetics, perfumes, beverages, sweets, Finnish foods and souvenirs.

The long-haul flight shop (gate 32) offers sunglasses, jewellery and watches in addition to the products available at the main shop.  


Our professional staff will help you to pick the right products for you. Our shops also have special offers and campaign products in all product groups. Take a look at the offers in advance using our Reserve & Collect service! 

We accept Finnish debit cards, the most common credit cards, including China Union Pay, as well as cash in euros, Swedish krona, Danish krone, Norwegian krone, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen, Swiss francs and US dollars.

Shopping opportunities only for those travelling abroad.

Read more about passengers' shopping rights.


Gate 13 (Show on the map)
Opening hours
Sun-Thu 5-20, Fri 5-20.30, Sat 5-18
Contact information
No duty free.. ull get cheper chocklads and alchol anywhere else then here..
Matti meikäläinen • 15.2.2017
Eija Palenius • 13.11.2016
Duty free liqor offers where?
Mikael Carlsson • 30.4.2016

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