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Air traffic between Helsinki and Savonlinna will continue

Article published
31.12.2013 at 08:56
Savonlinna airport.
According to the online edition of the Itä-Savo newspaper, the City of Savonlinna will buy flight tickets for a total of €250,000. The city administration of Savonlinna made a unanimous decision on this at its additional meeting on New Year's Eve.

According to the news, this is how air traffic between Savonlinna and Helsinki will be ensured from 13 January to mid-February.

This means that the Christmas break in air traffic will end on 13 January; the original schedule was 7 January.

The goal of the City of Savonlinna that after the winter holidays, air traffic would continue as usual, aided by the city and the Finnish government.

Source: Itä-Savo newspaper, 21 December 2013