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Air traffic winter season in Lapland will begin soon – a busier winter than last year is expected

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7.11.2013 at 11:05
The number of charter flights to Lapland this winter is on the rise. Based on the October forecast, Lapland will receive 18% more charter flights than in the same period last year. The estimate is based on advance information obtained by Finavia.

"Based on the number of charter flights to Lapland and northern Finland, we expect the winter season to be busier than last year. The fact that the number of charter flights has increased from last year shows that Lapland still is an appealing destination among tourists," says Joni Sundelin, Director from Finavia.

Winter charter flights to Lapland will begin in November. Based on the forecast, the majority of charter flights are from other European countries, and, as in previous years, the highest number of visitors are from the UK. Kittilä has the highest forecast number of chartered flights this year, but Ivalo, Rovaniemi and Enontekiö are also busy destinations during the season. However, the number of charter flights to Kuusamo has slightly decreased.

Because customers are reserving trips from travel agents later and later and closer to the trip, charter flights are confirmed over a time span which is shorter than before. That is why the final number of charter flights may be different than the forecast.

Finavia cooperates closely with Lapland tourism entrepreneurs to develop air traffic services in northern Finland and contributes to promoting Lapland in the international market. "The number of route flight passengers in domestic traffic has decreased, so it is essential to continuously develop the services and flight connections provided to charter flight traffic. Winter charter flights are an integral, significant part of Lapland air traffic services and improve the reach of Lapland from all across the world. We are happy that the number of charter flights has now increased after a few slower years," says Sundelin.

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