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Finavia is campaigning for smooth security checks

6.3.2013 at 09:54
This year, Finavia, responsible for airport and air navigation services in Finland, will highlight security check matters to an even greater extent to make airport security check lines as smooth as possible.

"Security checks are a compulsory part of modern air travel. We are continuously working to ensure convenient security checks for passengers. However, it is important that passengers read the security check instructions before their trip," says Mikko Saariaho, Communications Director, Finavia. "When you pack your things properly at home, all air passengers will save time and energy. We want to highlight packing and security check procedures to a greater extent so that air passengers will look for information before their trip," says Saariaho. Finnish leisure travellers are the target group of the campaign. Security checks are a compulsory part of air travel, and they are regulated strictly. The rules are based on European laws and compliance is monitored by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. Learning the instructions by heart is not necessary, but it is good to know where you can find them. "Our goal is to point out what aspects of security checks you should be aware of in advance, what you are supposed to do in the security check, and where information can be obtained. In this way, we make the entire flight travel experience smoother because all flights start at the airport and all passengers must go through the security check," says Saariaho.

Passenger opinions are important

Finavia finds it important that it obtains feedback on security checks because feedback helps Finavia develop its operations. "We believe that security checks strictly regulated by the authorities can be well-functioning and smooth," says Saariaho. Recently, Finavia has upgraded its security checkpoints at Helsinki Airport, Oulu, Turku and Vaasa. Security check staff training has paid extra attention to friendly customer service. According to passenger satisfaction surveys, air passenger satisfaction in regard to security checks has improved at Finnish airports in recent years. Read travel instructions on Finavia's website