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Finavia redesigns commercial offering and facilities at Helsinki Airport

3.7.2013 at 03:37
Finavia is preparing a major modification of Helsinki Airport’s commercial activities. A thorough study of tax and duty free, retail, food and beverage and services is being carried out. A new concept and strategy will establish a platform for redesigning most commercial facilities at the airport. 

The main objectives are to get Helsinki Airport ready for the future, emphasize consumer behavior and increase sales and revenue. The project aims to redesign most units and to create a vibrant and attractive environment for travelers by offering a high quality experience. As one of the best airports in Europe, Helsinki Airport will continue to provide a smooth travel experience in a comfortable atmosphere.

“Helsinki Airport’s position as the leading transit airport in Northern Europe for travel between Europe and Asia forms a strong base for developing the airport’s commercial passenger services. Above all we have focused thus far on the efficient turn-around process of airplanes as well as high quality customer service, furthermore our aim is now to reach the next level in Helsinki Airport’s commercial offering. Passengers particularly on the long-haul flights expect the airport to offer experiences and exceptional shopping opportunities, and this is a challenge we are ready to tackle”, says Anne Gullstén, Director of Passanger Services at Finavia.

The stay at the airport aims to become the best part of the journey

The development project was initiated at the end of 2012 and it’s expected to be completed in 2015. A phased implementation will ensure that already at the end of 2013 the first results will be visible. Finavia aims to increase total sales and revenue by approximately 50 per cent within three years time. The current partnership approach will be further strengthened, encouraging commercial partners at the airport to actively promote the airport offering.

All available space within the terminals will be reviewed to identify potential commercial use. The space of approximately 11 200 square meters available today will be increased to up to 13 000 m2. The use of commercial space will be re-evaluated and reallocated to better meet consumer expectations and maximize sales and revenue. The space allocated to the tax and duty free stores will be significantly increased. The potential for a landside commercial centre, after the opening of the new rail connection to Helsinki in 2015, is under consideration and may be developed parallel to the main project.

Finavia works with Peter Eriksson, Eriksson + Partner GmbH Switzerland, in the development of the project. Mr. Eriksson has experience within the industry, as a retailer as well as former Chief Commercial Officer at Zurich Airport. Eriksson’s goal is to bring Helsinki Airport to the next level in quality and provide state-of-the-art solutions in all aspects.

Improved merchandise mix, a new look and feel, and additional brand offering in the premium and luxury segments aim to meet the expectations especially for the strongly growing passenger volumes to and from Asia and Russia. Local specialties will be given more focus bringing authentic products and experiences from Finland closer to the travelers.

In 2012, Helsinki Airport served close to 15 million passengers. About a third of them were transit passengers, mainly on routes between Europe and Asia. Due to transit travel, the flight connections to and from Finland to different parts of Europe and Asia are exceptionally comprehensive.

For more information:
Anne Gullstén, Senior Vice President, Director of Passenger Services, Finavia Corporation
tel. +358 20 708 2005