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Finavia's online game reveals: These items cause difficulties

31.12.2013 at 06:35
Avalanche backpack, ski wax and canned food. They all are items which may also cause difficulties to frequent travellers when flying.

In Finavia's security check game, passengers can test their security check know-how. What is allowed as hand luggage? What is cargo hold luggage? What is forbidden?

The educational, playful game also provides Finavia with information. The results of the game indicate what kind of information passengers are still missing. For example, only about 30% of those who have played the game know how to correctly pack an avalanche backpack for a flight.

"The passenger is allowed to take one avalanche rescue kit to the aeroplane either as hand luggage or cargo hold luggage. The requirement is that the safety cushions of the kit have pressure relief valves and the trigger device only contains the allowed amount of gas and explosive," says Finavia's safety expert Jari Amnell.

Amnell underlines the fact that the allowed gas and explosive amounts of the trigger device and the detailed packing instructions for rescue backpacks must be checked on the Trafi website, for example. In addition, when booking their trip, or at check-in at the latest, passengers must always request permission from the airline to transport the pack.

You should also pay extra attention to other ski equipment. Ski wax removers, fluorine-containing ski wax and heaters are totally forbidden on-board. It is recommended to buy them once you have arrived at your destination.

Frozen food and canned food are usually considered to be liquids, which means that you should always pack them in cargo hold luggage. This also applies to jam, quark, whipped cream and cakes.

"The spreading of the substance is a convenient rule of thumb. If the product can be spread with a knife, it is considered to be a liquid," says Amnell.

The results of the security check game indicate that other familiar items also cause difficulties. Nordic walking sticks are cargo hold luggages, but curling irons and hair dryers may also be transported in hand luggage.

Packing instructions for air passengers are available on Finavia's website. The website also includes the "What to take with you" service where you can enter a keyword and find out the packing instructions and limitations concerning the substance or item.

You can access the instructions and the search on every airport's website, by clicking the "I'm departing" link. You can also test your security check know-how on Finavia's website.

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Regulations concerning items allowed and forbidden in security check are issued by international aviation authorities and organisations, the European Commission and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.