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Find the snowman!

Article published
13.2.2013 at 05:00
The winter holiday season is launched with a fun activity for children at Helsinki Airport. There is a path through the gate area, and there are 14 snowmen along it. Can you find all of them?

The path, which reminds a treasure hunt, provides something fun to do for passengers travelling with children, and is also suitable for others who like good fun. 

The snowmen are in locations which both children and adults find interesting. In addition to children's playrooms there are snowmen near artwork and art exhibitions. It is intended that children are always accompanied by an adult, so there is a lot to see for children and adults alike.

After the ”snowman trip”, you can go shopping, visit a cafe or go to the departure gate and relax before boarding and the flight. The snowmen have been designed by first-grade pupils and there is a wide range of different snowmen. Only the imagination of the children is the limit. There are snowmen on a beach, distributing Christmas gifts and playing table tennis. The size of the snowman stickers is about 30 cm. The stickers are in locations which do not stand out right away, but you really have to look for them. Children also participated in designing the snowman locations.

The Snowman map (PDF) can be printed from the Helsinki Airport website. Maps will also be distributed at the Finavia Service Center, the family check-in desk of Finnair andtransfer service locations.You can spot snowmen at the airport until the beginning of April.