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Finnair to open new seasonal route to Tromsø in January

Article published
12.9.2013 at 06:56
Finnair will open a new route to Tromsø for the 2014 winter season. The arctic city in the far north of Norway will be served from Helsinki three times per week from 1 January until 28 March 2014. Fares will be available to book from 10 July.

Situated directly under the aurora zone in the arctic, Tromsø is ideally placed for viewing the spectacular aurora borealis (northern lights) on clear winter nights. The town of 70,000 is also a base for winter sports such as downhill skiing, snowshoeing, dog and reindeer sledding, and glacier hiking.

Tromsø, or Romsa in Sami languages, is also a centre of Sami culture in Norwegian Lapland and hosts Sami Week every February.

Due to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, from January to March the city is relatively warm for the arctic, with average highs of around 2–4 degrees centigrade and lows of about –6.

Flights are scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for departure from Helsinki (AY2679) at 20:15 and departure from Tromsø (AY2680) at 21:55 local time. The route, operated on behalf of Finnair by Flybe Finland with Embraer E90 aircraft, takes approximately two hours.

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