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Fly to Lapland to save time for downhill and cross-country skiing

Article published
30.1.2013 at 13:13
Helsinki Airport has great flight connections, which take you directly to major skiing centres in an hour.

It's simple: when you fly to your winter holiday destination, you save valuable time for downhill and cross-country skiing. For example, it takes 1.5 hours to fly from Helsinki to Kittilä and Levi skiing resort. Several northern skiing centres are near the airports. For an easy searching of Lapland airport connections and schedules, please visit our timetable service.

New routes to slope locations in Central Europe

If you are planning a winter trip to Central Europe, Helsinki Airport is where smooth travels begin. Examples of excellent destinations: Salzburg in Austria, Geneva in Switzerland, Hanover in Germany and Milan in Italy. You can also conveniently check European connections in Finavia's flight route service.  Please keep in mind that you can easily transport your skis and snowboards in the cargo hold. Check with your airline if there is a fee.  Also, please check in advance what the packaging instructions say concerning the carrying of ski wax on the aeroplane.