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Helsinki Airport's lounge services are available to all passengers

Article published
4.11.2013 at 07:33
Luxury lounge at airport.
Lounge facilities are usually regarded as a service for people with an airline loyalty card or business class travellers. However, at Helsinki Airport, comfortable lounges providing a cosy, peaceful atmosphere are available to all passengers for a fee.

There are three options at Helsinki Airport.

One-off entrance passes to the airline lounge are available at the lounge reception.If you travel frequently, you should consider obtaining a Priority Pass membership. The Priority Pass gives you access to more than 600 airline lounges all around the world.

In addition, Helsinki Airport passengers have the option to rent their own VIP lounge. That option is excellent for business travellers, meeting trips of management teams and corporate boards, honeymooners and people celebrating an important day.

Lounge service usually also includes food and drink.

Lounges at gate area 11–31

  • Aspire Lounge, gate 27, second floor (also with entrance fee and Priority Pass)
  • Finnair Lounge, gate 25–26, second floor (also with entrance fee)
  • SAS Business Lounge, gate 13

Lounges at gate area 32–38

  • [email protected] Lounge, gate 32 (also with entrance fee and Priority Pass)
  • Finnair Lounge, gate 36 (also with entrance fee)

See photos and details of Helsinki Airport lounges Priority Pass membership

VIP lounges

There are three separate lounges in the VIP Centre at Helsinki Airport. Customers always have access to their own, stylishly and elegantly decorated private room where they can wait for their flight, work in a peaceful setting on confidential matters, or hold a meeting.

More information about VIP Service

Other work and rest areas

Helsinki Vantaa also has free common rooms available for everyone, where you can work or relax.

Suvanto locations

Suvanto locations are peaceful places where you can work. If you need a space where you can use your computer, read important documents or make phone calls in more privacy, come to Suvanto. They have visual and audio screens, electrical sockets and desks.

Gates 16, 26 and 36 (free)

Relaxation Area

The Relaxation Area for air travellers is a peaceful area where passengers can escape for a while from the hustle and bustle of the airport and the stressful aspects of travelling. This well-lit, peaceful area has three different kinds of chair for rest and relaxation, and different kinds of foldaway sleeping places.

Gate 31 (free)