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Tested by Alexander Stubb: "A cool place with parquet floor and giant aircraft"

Article published
18.12.2013 at 13:42
In September, a relaxation area for passengers was introduced at Helsinki Airport. Alexander Stubb, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade, tested the area soon after the introduction.

Before departing for Oslo, the minister took a moment to test the seats in the relaxation area. The "sleeping egg" was the first thing he tested.

"Let's see if I can fit in here," wondered Stubb as he sat down in the resting capsule.

Then he set the back rest to the "back" position and closed the lid. He shows his thumb through the gap of the lid: the capsule is comfortable.

"This is great! Congratulations!"

"I wonder if two people would fit in here," said Stubb as he exited the capsule.

Next to him, there is a box inside which you can talk on the phone without others in the relaxation area hearing anything.

"We have these kinds of boxes in the parliament building. Very nice products.

After that, sleeping boxes at the back of the relaxation area were introduced to him, as well as the sound-insulating phone corner. However, the main focus is on the rotating chairs. Your phone or music device can be connected to their sound system.

"I can put Spotify on here. Nice!

"Can you hear the music?" asked a member of the audience.

"Yes! It works really well. Congratulations!"

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