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5 tips: How to spend time at Helsinki Airport?

Article published
11.4.2014 at 10:51
An artwork of a woman in blue dress climbing onto an airplane.
You can eat, drink and shop, but what else is there to do at Helsinki Airport?

1. Marvel over arctic design

Luonnos exhibition, gate 32, open 24/7, free entrance.

The exhibition showcases Finnish design objects from Lapland

If you are interested in design and Lapland’s nature, head to the Luonnos exhibition. It includes insightful works by 12 contemporary Finnish designers, the materials of which vary from reindeer antlers to steel.

"The exhibition catched my attention. I came here, because real Finnish design products attract me. For example, those Finnish knives are so beautiful," says Elise Ketoja and refers to world-famous Marttiini knives.

Ceramist Maarit Mattanen's birch vases are made of raku fired clay. They bring the feeling of a Finnish birch forest to the airport. Boatbuilder Pentti Pieski has, in turn, used birch plywood to build his boat. He learned the craft from his father, whose workshop was located along the Teno river located on the border of Finland and Norway.

2. Take a journey into contemporary art

The Views en Route exhibition, Art Gallery, gate 37, open 24/7, free entrance.

Art gallery showcases Finnish contemporary art

You are at the airport, you are travelling somewhere. Why not head to the Views en route exhibition, whose theme naturally is travel.

The exhibition speaks to all friends of contemporary Finnish art. In the works travel can appear in surprising ways. For example, Taru Mäntynen's Sun-worshipper takes you to the beach, and Kirsi Neuvonen's lace window showcases mandalas.

In addition to the above mentioned artists, the exhibition features works by Reino Hietanen, Sauli Iso-Lähteenmäki, Kimmo Kaivanto, Inari Krohn, Kristian Krokfors, Kuutti Lavonen, Timo Mähönen, Ulla Rantanen, Esa Riippa, Aarno Salosmaa and Erkkitapio Siiroinen. The items shown belong to Finavia’s art collection.

Art Gallery: Views en route exhibition

3. Plane spotting

Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli’s lounge area, gate 27, 3rd floor, open according to the restaurant’s opening hours, free entrance.

Plane spotting at Helsinki Airport

If you do not have time to go to the Scenic terrace to spot planes, go to Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli. Enjoy a coffee or a meal whilst watching planes.

You can freely photograph them.

Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli Scenic terrace

4. Grab something to read for your trip

Book Swap point, gate 27, 2nd floor, next to Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli, open 24/7, free entrance.

Take a book with you from book swap

Yes you read it right. The headline really says ”grab” because at the Book Swap you can grab a book for free. You can also leave your own books there for other travellers to enjoy.

If you cannot find a book you like, you can always buy one, e.g. at Reader’s book shops, R-kioski kiosks, Alepa grocery store or Go!Cafés.

Book Swap

5. Admire flying women

Women fly - Anti-Gravity Women, photo exhibition, Photo Gallery, terminal 2, arrivals (free entrance to all visitors), open 24/7, free entrance.

Women fly in Krister Löfroth's photos

Are you waiting for a friend to arrive or need some pharmaceuticals for your trip? Great, you can enjoy the photo exhibition at the same time.

Finnish photographer Krister Löfroth has captured wild camera angles, speed and strong colours into his photos of flying women. In one photo an acrobat performs stunts in the air supported only by a ribbon; in another photo a lady in high heels is close to falling from a plane.

Löfroth tells that Ikaros, the Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart have inspired him greatly. Ikaros flew too close to the sun in Greek mythology, and the Wright brothers were famous aviation pioneers like Amelia Earhart.

Photo exhibition: Women Fly - Anti-Gravity Women