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5 tips: Where to work at Helsinki Airport?

Article published
9.10.2014 at 03:00
A man using laptop in a cafe.
Helsinki Airport is full of various kinds of working locations for the business traveller. Just go through the security control, choose a place and start working with your gadget.

1. For the flexible business traveller

Gate areas with soft chairs and cafes are cool working places if you do not mind the noise. Recharging stations for laptops, tablets and mobile phones are always nearby.

Try the Johan & Nyström café next to gate 13. The cafe has a very sophisticated interior design, and you get excellent coffee and tea.

You can work in Johan & Nyström cafe

If you are close to gates 26-27, go to Cafe Tori. If you have visited the market square in Helsinki, the place catches some of that feeling. Just plug in your computer and work. People are chatting, and old Finnish hits and the scent of Finnish pastry fill the air. You can also use Power Kiss, a wireless charging service.
People work in Cafe Tori

If you need a pair of head phones, buy a pair of Belkin's from the Reader's book shop. They are available at least in white and black.

Reader's, gates 14-15
Reader's, gates 26-28

2. For the privacy-seeking business traveller

If you appreciate a more private working space, you can choose between lounges, Suvanto working and resting places and the book swap. Recharging stations are always nearby.


You can find a nice working spot at any of these lounges. They offer you many other services, too. They include, for example, food and drinks, magazines, and some even offer a shower or sauna experience.

"Everyman's lounge" Kainuu, gates 30-31: Relaxed lounge with a piece of Finnish nature.

Everyman's lounge has a tranquil feeling

SAS Lounge, gate 13: Big sophisticated lounge with Scandinavian atmosphere.

SAS Lounge is roomy

Finnair Lounge, gate 22: Stylish roomy lounge with Finnish design.

Finnair Lounge is a relaxing place

The Aspire business lounge, gates 27-28: Comfortable lounge with Finnish design.

Aspire Lounge offers various working spaces

Almost@home Lounge, gate 32: Home-like lounge with a "living room" and "home office".

Almost@Home is a comfortable lounge

Finnair Lounge, gate 36: Stylish roomy lounge with Finnish design. Includes a Premium Lounge (in the picture).

Finnair Premium Lounge is the newest lounge at the airport

Suvanto working and resting places

Suvanto, what does it mean? It means a calm resting place in Finnish. Suvanto is also a perfect place to work, because you sit inside a wooden "cubicle", that encloses you into your own private bubble.

There are three Suvantos, each with six cubicles, at Helsinki Airport.

Suvanto on tehty työskentelyyn

Suvanto, gates 16-17
Suvanto, gates 18-19
Suvanto, gate 37

Book swap

And finally, a small secret. Some people have found a nice working and reading spot at the Book swap close to gate 27. It is like working in a living room; a couple of comfy chairs and shelves stuffed with books.

Kirjanvaihtopiste sopii myös työskentelyyn
Katja Alaja
The writer enjoys working in the hustle and bustle of Helsinki Airport. Maybe you will meet her in one of the Suvantos one day.