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Airport pharmacy solutions, for flu relief

12.9.2014 at 07:00
It’s not unusual to start feeling ill right before travelling or while on the move. But don’t fret – Helsinki Airport offers pharmacy services every day, with plenty of remedies for any flu symptoms.

The pharmacy outlets are very busy all day, every day. Travellers can easily buy both the medicines needed during travels and everyday cosmetics and toiletries, such as nappies for anyone needing them.

‘Our most popular products are Compeed blister plasters and the anti‑inflammatory drug Burana,’ sayss chemist Ele Tammist, from the airport pharmacy.

In flu seasons, many travellers also buy products to relieve flu symptoms. Tammist recommends Otrivin nasal spray for those suffering from a stuffy nose, and Bafucin and Strepsils lozenges for a sore throat.

Cough remedies should be selected to match the type of cough: if you have a dry cough, choose a liquid preparation or a lozenge, as that can be more practical when one is on the go. For a chest cough with phlegm, opt for an expectorant in the form of an effervescent tablet or a liquid in a practical single‑dose sachet.

Flu-like symptoms can also be relieved by vitamin C products in tablet (incl. effervescent tablet) form or by Finrexin powders for mixing into hot water. Finrexin is available in blackcurrant, lemon, and eucalyptus–menthol flavours. The secrets to its success are an anti-inflammatory drug, caffeine, and vitamin C.

Minisun Super Defence (€13.12 for 60 tablets) is a remedy designed for treatment and prevention of flu-like symptoms. The lemon- and liquorice‑flavoured tablets contain vitamins C and D, Echinacea extract, and zinc. The dose is 1–2 tablets a day.

‘Minisun Super Defence may even shorten a bout of the flu,’ says Tammist.

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Text: Terhi Kivikoski-Hannula, Mediafocus Oy
Photo: Finavia