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The Book Swap station moved to the Kainuu lounge

Article published
6.11.2014 at 11:16
A woman reading a book at Helsinki Airports book swap.
Helsinki Airport's popular Book Swap point has moved its location. You can now pick up book for your trip from the Kainuu lounge located near Gate 31.

The Book Swap point was previously located next to the Aspire lounge near Gate 27, but because of the renovation, it was transferred to even cosier location near the deadwood from the Kainuu region.

Previously, yoga classes have also been organised in the Kainuu lounge.

In the Book Swap point passengers and airport employees can pick up books to read for free. You can also leave books you have read to the Books Swap point to wait for new readers.

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Did you know?

The Book Swap concept was created among ordinary air passengers. Finavia and Finnair sent eight Quality Hunters on a trip all around the world with the mission of developing the airport experience, and the Quality Hunters and their active online community brainstormed 260 R&D proposals, and Book Swap was one of the most popular ones.

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