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Coolest Job

31.8.2014 at 07:00
We are in the perfect spot on the globe – for the shortest route between Europe and Asia.

Therefore, we are Northern Europe’s leading long-haul airport, with 15 of our 130 direct destinations being in Asia and North America.

This spot also gives us St Petersburg as a neighbour.

For us at Finavia, where we are is very important.

Plenty of Russians travel via Helsinki. In fact, they are the third largest nationality travelling via Helsinki Airport. Therefore, we’ve developed our services to serve Russian passengers better in their native language, both online and at the airport. One related initiative was to open a direct channel at

Since we invest in developing Helsinki Airport and all Finavia airports for an ever smoother experience – for instance, with the aid of Quality Hunters and #TravelLab – we are keen to hear what people think and feel about the travel experience.

This is why we looked for people to take a cool job, or, as we put it on at, the coolest: How does free travel to exciting destinations, via Helsinki, sound?

This is the recruitment video we used.

And this is the result: our major recruitment campaign gave us a whopping 506 applicants and five perfect candidates for the job: Natallia, Vladimir, Evgeniy, Natalya, and Tatiana. Their task: come to Helsinki, travel to places they’ve dreamt about, and report their experiences. And have fun.

They didn’t disappoint! 

Natallia leaves for Helsinki from St Petersburg.

Welcome to Helsinki! There’s plenty of light at midnight in June, though it would have been brighter without the rain. The group get-together included Finavia’s Markus (in the middle) and (left to right) Natalya, Evgeniy, Natallia, and Vladimir. 

Evgeniy in Prague with his new friends.

Tatiana and baby taking it easy in Frankfurt.

You can read more about their trips – to Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo, and Prague – in Russian at

After the trips, the audience’s job was to pick which three candidates would go on to the next round. This time, they explored Reykjavik, Lisbon, and Antalya, sharing the amazing places they found in Iceland, Portugal, and Turkey.

And the audience’s choice for a third trip was the lovely Natalya. Guess where she went... 

Yes, to Machu Picchu, in Peru!

The campaign was a great way to reach plenty of people and hear more of how they feel about travelling via Helsinki Airport. The discussion about the airport and its connections and service continues in Russian at

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Coolest Job campaign and have already joined the discussion, and special thanks go to Evgeniy, Natallia, Vladimir, Tatiana, and Natalya!

Story by Anna Tuomi

Anna is Marketing Manager at Finavia, responsible for brand and marketing communications. She loves to travel, learn about places, and hear their many stories.