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Fashion royalty at Helsinki Airport: the arrival of Burberry

Article published
4.12.2014 at 07:00
Two women in Burberry coats.
Helsinki Airport now offers even better opportunities for top-fashion shopping, as Burberry's clothes and accessories join its brand selection.

For most, references to the name Burberry first bring to mind a beige trench coat and the famous check pattern. In fact, over the years they have become the hallmarks of this luxury brand, often better known than the Burberry logo itself, in which a knight in armour holds his lance high as he rides toward new battles on a black horse.

This fearless knight is a good reflection of Burberry's early years. The brand was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry (1835–1926), a 21-year-old English dressmaker who wanted to create a new kind of functional outdoor clothing and went on to develop the durable, water‑resistant material gabardine.

Burberry's weatherproof garments soon became popular among the outdoorsy and those working in extreme conditions, such as skiers, pilots, motorists, and explorers. Products for outdoors-loving ladies too were part of Burberry's product lines from the very beginning.

A success story woven of gabardine

In 1911, Burberry equipped explorer Roald Amundsen's expedition with tents and clothes, helping them become the first people in the world to reach the South Pole.

Burberry's trench coat and distinctive Haymarket check are iconic in the fashion world.

The following year, Burberry patented a belted coat, a precursor to its famous coat that became adopted by British officers in the First World War. Hence the name ‘trench coat’.

Thomas Burberry's bywords – craftsmanship, innovation, and design – secured the company a warrant to supply the Royal Family in its home country of Great Britain and have kept the brand at the peak of fashion for over 150 years now.

Helsinki Airport's Duty Free shop at Gate 34 offers a selection of Burberry clothes for men and women, along with sunglasses and other accessories. Come find out why the brand has become such a classic!


Check the shop's opening times and exact location.

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