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Finavia and Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) sign a framework agreement for closer cooperation

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18.12.2014 at 12:03
An airplane at the runway.
Finavia and EANS have signed a framework agreement, which objective is to make closer and speed up bilateral cooperation in air navigation services.

Both companies are also members of the larger North European functional airspace block, the NEFAB programme. NEFAB cooperation is based on the ´Single European Sky` legislation and is aiming for seamless services across borders for the customers.

Within the signed agreement the parties will develop more efficient solutions helping both parties in areas like air navigation training, support services, airspace management and technical cooperation.

“We have earlier cooperated in good spirit with our Estonian colleagues but this agreement provides the frames for more systematic and long term planning for both parties”, says Raine Luojus, Director and Senior Vice President for Finavia Oyj Air Navigation Services.

“Through this agreement we can more efficiently develop the prerequisites for join service production and act as each other´s contingency arrangements”, says Tanel Rautits, CEO and chairman of the management board for EANS.

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