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Finavia has signed a deal with SSP

Article published
10.3.2014 at 08:17
Good looking dishes in front of a cafeteria.
Finavia has signed a long-term contract with SSP, the leading operator of food and beverage brands in travel locations worldwide, to operate at Helsinki Airport and Finland’s three regional airports of Turku, Oulu and Rovaniemi.

Helsinki Airport is about to begin major development programs. During this time, SSP will continue to run many of the existing units and introduce a number of new concepts. SSP will invest 8 million euros at Helsinki Airport and the three regional airports.

Anne Gullstén, Director of Passenger Services of Finavia said ‘SSP is an innovative company, that has been instrumental in helping us build a world-class facility at Helsinki. They’ve introduced high-performing international brands including Starbucks and O’Learys, as well as creating flagship concepts such as our Café Alvar A, Restaurant and Deli Fly Inn, and wine bar Wine & View. Our relationship with SSP dates back over 20 years. The team’s flexibility and positive approach have ensured they have become trusted partners in a continually evolving business climate.’

Kate Swann, CEO of SSP said: ‘Helsinki is a fast growing hub airport, and it aims to see passenger numbers rise from 15 million to 20 million per year in 2020. We’re delighted that we are building on our long-standing relationship with Finavia and continue to deliver world class food and beverage over the next 10 years to help them achieve their aims.’

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