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Finavia takes the air passenger services at Oulu Airport to a new level

Press release
Article published
17.10.2014 at 09:06
An aerial image of Oulu airport.
Finavia aims to improve the range of services and the comfort of passengers at Oulu Airport through a renovation beginning in October. This renovation is a part of Finavia's extensive network airport investment programme.

At Oulu Airport, the renovation focuses on three aspects: passenger services, the functionality of the parking areas and general comfort of the Terminal facilities.

– Oulu Airport has a great role in, for example, the operation of businesses and tourism industry in northern Finland. Therefore it is important to invest in smooth travel and the functionality of the airport, says Joni Sundelin, business director responsible for network airports at Finavia.

The renovation begins on week 43. The renovation is planned to finish by the end of November.

Improving the airport services

The service improvements will be visible at cafe and restaurant facilities both in the gate area and on the public side. These areas are run by Finavia's long-term partner SSP Finland.

The facilities and the product ranges will be updated to meet the wishes of the passengers. SSP will, for example, introduce a new concept at a restaurant in the gate area, which adds warm meals to the menu. The new look represents Scandinavian culture and Finnish design. In the future, it is easy to do shopping while enjoying a cup of coffee or a meal.

During the renovation in October and November, the services are available almost as usual, but the range of products will be smaller.

Finavia is also ensuring the smoothness of check-in with new luggage machines. With the bag drop machine, passengers can drop their bags themselves to be transported in the cargo hold when the check-in has been done with a check-in machine or online.

Improvements of the parking areas and smooth public transport

The airport parking areas are being improved. Remote controlled heating posts and recharging locations for electric cars will be installed at Oulu Airports parking areas. After the installation, Oulu Airport will have the largest recharging area in northern Europe with almost 300 recharging spaces.

Finavia has also started a survey in cooperation with other operators in the region to improve the bus connections from the airport to the city.

Improving passenger comfort at the airport

Passenger comfort will be improved in various locations at the airport. The interior decoration will be changed in the gate areas as well as the public lobbies. The new design incudes new furniture and lights as well as facilities where passengers can optimise their use of time. The design favours Finnish and local design.

Finavia's network airport investment programme

Finavia launched the network airport investment programme at the beginning of 2014. The largest projects of the investment programme will be launched in Turku, Ivalo and Tampere, but renovation will also take place at other network airports. In 2014, an approximate total of €35 million will be invested in network airports.

Finavia will ensure that travelling is as easy and smooth and possible during the renovation, too. However, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to passengers.