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Finavia's working uniforms will be replaced with ecodesign

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10.12.2014 at 10:30
Finavia staff wearing their new uniforms.
Airport service provider Finavia is renewing the working clothes of its customer service staff. The starting point for redesigning the working clothes were sustainability and the suitability of the clothes for different tasks. 

The new working clothes of the service advisers working at airports are a part of Finavia's extensive service overhaul that aims at providing passengers a world-class airport experience.

“We wanted our working uniform design to represent a new era and to support airport development. The current working clothes were designed 20 years ago and are not practical in the highly variable working environment that exists today. The employees participated closely in designing the new clothes. We listened to their wishes and they had the opportunity to test the clothes to ensure that they were practical and comfortable,” says HR Director Kaarina Soikkanen.

Finavia wants to develop its airports in a responsible manner and make sustainable acquisitions. The working clothes were ordered from Touchpoint Oy, a company specialising in ecological materials and ethical production.

“We want to participate in improving Finland's competitiveness and our task is to make it in a way that has a minimum impact on the environment. We chose a partner that can support our sustainable choices. The uniforms of Finavia's personnel are a visible element at all Finnish airports. That is why the clothes have an exceptional strategic significance, Kaarina Soikkanen says.


These clothes are special thanks to their innovative design and the materials used to make them: at the heart of the line's design language is a runway pattern and the clothes are made of leftover Pontella fabric. The clothing line includes a number of different clothes and accessories. The story behind the design was “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” The old element is the Pontella fabric, the entire line is new, the borrowed element is the runway pattern and the colour palette is blue. The new line was designed by TouchPoint's eco designers Anniina Nurmi and Camilla Mikama.

The re-design of the working clothes is a part of Finavia's service overhaul, which aims at making the passenger experience more comfortable. Finavia's airports are developed as a single entity to improve Finavia's international competitiveness and to maintain Helsinki Airport's attractiveness as a transit airport. The service overhaul aims to answer both the increasing traffic volume and customer expectations and, at the same time, wishes of new customer groups.

Finavia launched the new working uniform line today at Helsinki Airport. Finavia's customer service staff will start using the new clothes in the beginning of 2015.

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