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Helsinki Airport's Terminal Control ensures hassle-free travel

Article published
13.10.2014 at 06:00
Terminal Control helps to get the passengers through the airport as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The centre's most important task is to create passenger flow forecasts, which provide data to serve as a basis for the airport's operations planning. They also take part in the airport's day-to-day operations by, for example, guiding passenger flows.

The Terminal Control team has 10 members and is available 24/7. The partner list is a long one, comprising nearly every organisation and group working at the airport, in any capacity. Some 1,500 organisations have a presence at Helsinki Airport.

The team are in continuous contact with Finavia's customer-service staff, who can take the reins if necessary, to guide and help passengers.

Finavia's communications team is another important partner. If a passenger peak seems about to hit – for example, during a holiday period – Terminal Control reports this to the communications team, who will, in turn, inform the passengers. 

A presence wherever the passengers are

For Terminal Control, it is crucial to be where the passengers are, always. When, for example, a queue forms at any security checkpoint, more employers are immediately sent there.

Terminal Control is also closely involved in ensuring that transfer passengers can get through the airport quickly.

Helsinki Airport is one of the most significant transit hubs in the air traffic between Europe and Asia, and efficient transfers from gate to gate are imperative if the airport is to retain this position.

Good daily planning can ensure that everyone heading to or from Asia gets through the checks and reaches the transit gate as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Also keeping the Terminal Control team busy are various projects for planning events and renovation work. A good example is the skating event Match Made in HEL, due to take place in October. Skaters will be on the move throughout the airport.

The team are collaborating with other units at the airport to prepare the best spots for this event and the best ways for the skaters to move about the airport. Safety is always the number-one priority.