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It is now possible to search for flights by airport code

Article published
20.8.2014 at 06:42
A display showing flight information.
Finavia has improved the flight data search features of its website.

Website visitors can now look up flight details by the destination name and flight code, and now also by IATA airport code.

For example, flights related to Heathrow (LHR) can be found by entering "Lo" or "Lhr".
You can still also enter the airline code, in which case the result consists of all flights from the airline for the subsequent 24 hours.

The search function is available on the "I'm departing", "I'm arriving", and "I'm dropping off / picking up" pages of individual airports and on the list pages of arrivals and departures.

You can try out the search features on Helsinki Airport's "I'm departing" page, for example.