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My Coolest Job Ever

26.10.2014 at 07:00
Natalya, the winner of Finavia’s Coolest Job -campaign, tells about her experiences.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first learnt that I was chosen to be one of the participants in "The Coolest Job!" -campaign. What an unbelievable luck!

Thanks to this wonderful opportunity and fantastic support of my friends, I made it not just to the finals but I was also selected as the winner of the whole thing.

I felt like I had wings, as if I was flying of happiness. After all, I love travelling more than anything else!

So last summer, thanks to my Coolest Job, I was travelling more than ever: first to Amsterdam, then to Antalya in Turkey, and finally to Peru, my adventure to the origins of the Inca civilization – Cusco and Machu Picchu. Those magic four days in the other hemisphere are something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

On my travels, I was very open to new contacts and it really paid off. I met some wonderful people and I was never afraid, even when travelling alone. I remember once, near the Olyantaitambo village in Peru, when I was walking all alone on a deserted road in the middle of the night and only millions of twinkling southern stars lit up my way… that was amazing!

Somehow I always knew I would not get lost, that I would get help and advice everywhere, because we're all people of the same planet. This feeling that the world opens up to you – if you’re open to it – may be the main thing I learnt on my travels.

And I just fell in love with travelling alone. It gives you a feeling of extraordinary freedom, it’s just so cool!

By the way, Helsinki Airport must be the best airport in the world. Cannot count how many times I travelled via Helsinki last summer. It changes so much all the time, and always to the better.

New services are popping up everywhere, and how unique and clever they all are! Like Kainuu, a special place for anyone to have a rest, relaxing and listening to the sounds of the Finnish forest. Or Book Swap where you can just grab any book and sit down to read it like in your own living room.

Restaurants and cafes are just everywhere, and the shops are just too attractive!

But the most important asset at this airport is its staff who do everything to make your travel as smooth as possible, so that you just want to take off again from Helsinki Airport, to any of its 130 destinations.

Finally, I have to say how sad I am that The Coolest Job is now finished. It really was the coolest job I’ve ever had in my life – and will ever have. Thank you guys, and see you again at Helsinki Airport!

About the traveller:

Natalya, the winner of Finavia’s Coolest Job -campaign, is a Russian geography teacher from St. Petersburg. She spent most of her last summer travelling to many unique places from Helsinki Airport.

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