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A new online service for getting compensation for delayed flights

7.7.2014 at 06:48
AirHelp is making its services available in Finland. AirHelp is an online legal service helping travellers get compensation from airlines.

Its free mobile application and online service request travellers to enter their flight information and submit a Certificate of Authorisation for pursuing claims.

Every year, around 200,000 Finnish air travellers lose hundreds of euros in unclaimed compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights. Only 0.5% of those entitled to compensation seek compensation from airlines.

“Air travellers have the law on their side. Even a three-hour delay may entitle travellers to compensation,” says Thomas Lööw, CEO of AirHelp Nordic.

Consumers are generally not aware of the EU Regulation that entitles them to a compensation of EUR 250–600. However, the rules are complicated, and not all airlines are willing to pay compensation to their customers.

AirHelp pursues claims on behalf of travellers and only charges for successful claims. The traveller receives 75% of the compensation, and AirHelp keeps 25% as a commission (incl. VAT).

The online service improves the possibility of receiving compensation by as much as 90%. AirHelp has already processed 35,000 cases, and it helps air travellers get compensation every day, even in court.

“We inform air travellers of their rights in case of delayed, overbooked and cancelled flights via Facebook and other channels and help them seek compensation. We have the required background information, legal expertise and processes,” says Lööw.

AirHelp maintains the world’s largest database of delayed and cancelled flights. AirHelp does not submit unnecessary claims to airlines. Its claims are based on factual information on delays and cancellations.

Consumers can seek compensation even three years after the incident. In all cases, AirHelp checks in advance whether the traveller is entitled to receive compensation and takes the cases to court, if necessary.

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