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New services to aid in parking

Article published
16.12.2014 at 07:00
Multiple of cars parked in a parking hall.
Helsinki Airport adopted a parking reservation service in May 2014. Customers can now book a parking spot via Finavia's Web site even before reaching the airport.

Payment too can be taken care of online, either with a credit card or through online banking.

Advance booking also enables customers to choose their preferred parking area regardless of the time of day or the rush.

'The feedback and steadily increasing user numbers indicate that this service obviously fills a real need,' says Heikki Koski, Finavia's VP for Passenger Management.

The aim is to develop our parking services to serve customers' needs even better than before.

'Our development efforts are ongoing. We monitor usage of the service and the customers’ experiences and wishes. Also, we’re looking into some additional services, such as washing cars, cleaning, and minor maintenance work,' Koski says.

Easier payment

Other initiatives aimed at making airport visits easier for car-owners include renovations in parking areas P1 and P2.

'From the start of 2015, you'll be able to pay the parking fee at the barrier, before exiting. This helps if you have forgotten to pay the fee in the terminal or parking area before heading to the exit gate,' Koski explains.

Also in the pipeline is camera-based identification: it reads the number plates as cars drive in.

Koski says: 'The exit barrier rises automatically as soon as the fee is paid, without the need to stop and use the ticket-reader at the gate.'

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