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Oulu Airport displays a forest of rugs

Article published
4.2.2014 at 07:58
White armchairs on colorful rugs.
This spring, creations of textile artist Taina Otsamo, who works with traditional Finnish rugs, enhance the departure lounge at Oulu Airport. With the rug exhibition, Finavia wishes to make the passengers' experience of the airport even more enjoyable.

“The rugs of Taina Otsamo are stylish and create a cosy atmosphere at the airport. They embody the nature as well as a genuinely Finnish feeling and, most importantly, they are creations of a local artist,” says airport manager Liisa Sallinen.

The motif of the rugs is nature in spring, the first, tender-green birch leaves. As the airport's rocking chairs are placed in the same lounge, passengers can take in the rugs in a relaxed mode. The rag rugs under the rocking chairs are also made by local artisans.

The rug exhibition is located next to gate 14.

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