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Packing instructions for hikers and hunters

17.9.2014 at 11:53
Finavia has compiled a checklist for passengers with packing instructions for weapons, ammunition, camping stoves and matches. For security reasons, the air transportation of these items is restricted.To guarantee smooth air travel to your hunting or hiking destination, you should check the packing instructions on Finavia's website.

“Once you have properly packed your luggage at home, your journey will be smoother. If you accidentally pack forbidden items in your luggage or if they are not properly packed, security control staff need to remove them from your luggage,” says Finavia's security expert Jari Amnell.

A good rule of thumb is that all hunting, fishing, sports and hiking gear should be packed in the cargo hold luggage. This way your equipment is most likely to arrive at your destination, and you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Amnell instructs passengers to be particularly careful with weapons, ammunition, camping stoves, matches and lighters.

“There are detailed instructions regarding the maximum amount and classes of ammunition and the packing of weapons and camping stoves that you should check before packing,” he says.

In addition to transport restrictions, some equipment may never be taken on board an aircraft. The list includes any inflammable or explosive material or items, such as fuels and flammable liquids, strike-anywhere matches, lighters and refills, as well as ammunition that contains explosive or incendiary bullets.

You may take one box of regular matches or one lighter with you in the cabin. They may not be packed in the cargo hold luggage.

When packing hiking gear, you should also remember the rules regarding liquids. You may only transport hygiene products that are larger than 100 ml, tinned food and fish roe in the cargo hold luggage.

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