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Street food theme at Helsinki Airport's restaurants

Article published
16.7.2014 at 07:47
Sandwitches and sallads on table.
Trendy street food has landed at Helsinki Airport's restaurants and cafés. Dishes following the street food theme will be served until 15 October.

You can now enjoy the flavours of street kitchens also in the cafés and restaurants of Helsinki Airport. Street food introduces exotic flavours from street kitchens around the world.

There are exciting new dishes on the menus of the restaurants. These are, for instance, baguettes and bagels filled with pulled beef and chicken, as well as teriyaki flamed salmon. Furthermore, My City Helsinki and Seasons now have delicious pork ribs on their menus.

In addition to traditional salted peanuts and crisps, there are nachos, salsa and mini grissini on the table.

Seasonal strawberry delicacies for dessert

Until the end of August, cafés will serve mouth-watering seasonal delicacies, such as handmade strawberry pastries and fresh strawberry cups straight from their kitchens.

Come and enjoy!

Food and beverages at Helsinki Airport