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Tampere-Pirkkala airport development launched

Press release
Article published
7.5.2014 at 07:32
Finavia will launch the expansion and renovation of Terminal 2 (T2) of Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. T2 will be closed during construction, as of Friday 9 May, after which all passengers will depart from T1. A renovated T2 will be introduced at year-end. Work in accordance with the environment investment plan will be launched in addition to renovation that is visible to passengers.

T2 will be made more comfortable and smooth

Tampere-Pirkkala's T2 services and functions will be renovated so that it will also cater for the future needs of air passengers in a competitive and cost-effective way. The terminal building will be expanded by 210 square metres and existing facilities and systems will be replaced.

General smoothness of the terminal will be improved by expanding the facilities of inbound passengers and Customs' facilities, by placing the information desk in the departure/arrival lobby, by replacing Border Guard's inspection rooms and by placing them better along passenger access routes.

- We will improve passenger comfort by developing the terminal's operations and overall look, as well as the café and shop services. However, it is worth remembering that the service level of T2, which serves international traffic, will be based on low-cost flight operations requirements from now on too, where services need to be implemented at a very low cost", says airport manager Mari Nurminen.

Travelling will be flexible during the renovation, too. During the construction, the service desks of all airlines will be located in T1, which means that when departing, all passengers will go to T1 for check-in and security check.

T2 and environmental improvement project to be completed in December

An environmental improvement project will be implemented simultaneously with the T2 development work at Tampere-Pirkkala. The goal is to improve the recovery of propylene glycol, used for deicing, and to build a storage area for glycol-containing snow by the end of 2014.  

- Our comprehensive investment project also covers environmental improvement work that will further reduce the environmental impact of the operations. We will also prepare for renovating T1", says Nurminen.

The goal is to complete the T2 development work at the end of the year, at which time the passengers of low-cost airlines will return to T2.

Finavia launched an extensive investment programme at its airports at the beginning of 2014

The goal of Finavia is to retain the infrastructure of its airports in a competitive condition and to retain cost-effective prices regardless of airport development. Finland has a comprehensive airport network that provides competitive services to airlines. However, the development of flight connections relies on actual demand. Therefore, it is important that different areas engage in close co-operation to strengthen the demand and flight connections.

An international airport is an important competitiveness factor for the entire Pirkanmaa region. It will create jobs and the opportunity for regular global connections.

Finavia is committed to developing air traffic services in the Tampere region with the city and region. The total value of the investments implemented with the region at Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is about €5 million.

In addition to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, major investments will commence in Turku, Ivalo and Rovaniemi this year. In addition, several airports will implement smaller changes to improve comfort and service selection.