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Tampere-Pirkkala construction to continue throughout the summer

Article published
27.6.2014 at 06:39
Airport at Tampere Pirkkala.
The expansion and renovation work of Terminal 2 (T2), which commenced at Tampere-Pirkkala airport in May, will continue in the summer. During the construction, all flights will be from T1. At the same time, the airport intends to reduce the burden it places on the environment by improving the efficiency of glycol use.

The plan is to finish T2 construction at year-end. After that, low-cost airline flights will be from T2 again.

The goal is to reduce the airport's environmental load by improving the recovery of glycol used in de-icing. A storage area will also be built for snow containing glycol; the goal is to finish that by year-end.

Finavia is committed to developing air traffic services in the Tampere region with the city and region.

We apologise for any inconvenience!

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