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3 tips: Find a piece of Lapland at the airports in northern Finland

24.11.2015 at 07:00
In addition to traditional souvenirs, Lapland is visible at the airports in northern Finland in many ways. We describe some of the best Lapland-themed products and services here.

1. A taste of Lapland – for yourself or as a gift

The food served at the airports in northern Finland is usually local Lapp food grown nearby. You can taste these delicacies or buy some to take with you:

  • Cheese-based reindeer soup and barley flatbread, EUR 7.95, Rovaniemi Airport, Café Rovaniemi.
  • Smoked reindeer pie, EUR 5.50, Ivalo Airport, Café Ilmasilta.
  • Reindeer snack bar, 25 g, EUR 1.50, Kittilä Airport, souvenir shop.
  • Traditional barley or potato flatbread Kuusamo style, EUR 3.80, Kuusamo Airport, Fly Café & Shop Kuusamo.
  • Poron Pipanat (reindeer droppings), salty liquorice sweets, EUR 3.90/85 g, Kittilä Airport, souvenir shop.

If you are after nice Christmas presents or gifts from your visit to Finland:

  • Handmade booties, socks, and mittens in the Inari Sámi style: booties for children EUR 23.00, socks for adults EUR 50.00, and mittens approx. EUR 45.00. Ivalo Airport, Arctic Hill.

2. Meeting in a Sámi hut at Rovaniemi

If you are organising a smallish meeting and would like a wilderness-style setting, the Sámi hut near the Rovaniemi Airport could be just the thing.

The hut is only a short walk from the airport, and you can order food and drinks for your event. Two first hours cost EUR 50.00/h, after which it is EUR 25.00/h.

Book the hut through Finavia customer service by calling +358 (0)20-708-6506.

3. Start your safari right from the airport

At the Mosquito outfitting station located near Kuusamo Airport, your group can get changed and hop on snowmobiles or husky sleighs for a safari. You can also hire a sauna and lounging facilities for a smallish group.

Many service providers organise different safaris and excursions from Mosquito. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Ruka Safaris organises 40-km, 3-hour snowmobile safaris, EUR 150.00/person with two on the snowmobile, and EUR 175.00 for one person. Bookings: Ruka Safaris 
  • Rukapalvelu's snowmobile safaris take you from your flight right to the middle of nature. Safari 45 km, welcome schnapps, sauna, and wilderness-style dinner from EUR 285.00/person, safari 1/snowmobile. 
  • Bookings: Rukapalvelu 

You can admire northern animals without braving the great outdoors. Kuusamo Airport features photos by nature photographer Hannu Hautala on departure and arrivals hall walls.