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Café Alvar and Go! Café upgraded

11.9.2015 at 11:48
The commercial service enhancement of Helsinki Airport is in progress. Café Alvar and Go! Café will now get a fresh look. Both will continue to serve customers during the upgrade.

Café Alvar and Go! Café will also be renamed in the autumn.

The estimated completion of the Go! Café (Gate 20) upgrade is late September. The upgrade of Café Alvar (Gate 24) will be completed in October 2015.

Both will continue to serve customers as usual during the upgrade.

R-Kioski in the Arrivals 2A lobby

The Arrivals 2A lobby of the airport has been extensively transformed this year. In addition to new restaurants, such as Burger King and Bistrot Helsinki Airport, the lobby's services for arriving passengers were centralised more efficiently.

Opened on 10 September, R-Kioski is the most recent addition to the Arrivals 2A lobby. The R-Kioski kiosk's services are easily available to passengers and those accompanying them to or from flights.

Café Alvar: location and opening hours

Go! Café: location and opening hours

Arrivals 2A's R-Kioski: location and opening hours

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