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Clear signs indicate the way from trains to the airport

Article published
5.4.2015 at 06:00
The new Ring Rail Line begins operation in July of this year, connecting Helsinki Airport to the centre of Helsinki with a 30-minute trip.

As soon as passengers step off the train at the airport, they see clear signs indicating the way to the terminal. The signs guide passengers to a corridor between Terminals 1 and 2, and an electronic flight information board shows departing flights and their terminals. In the same way, passengers looking for a train after their flights can see train timetables on the information boards.

'The signs must convey all essential information to guide passengers in the right directions, step by step. The information becomes more detailed as the passenger gets nearer to the destination', explains VP Heikki Koski from Finavia.

'There are trains in either direction every five minutes, and the busy times are really very busy', he continues.

Ready for the arrival of trains

Finavia has prepared for the arrival of trains in many ways, concentrating currency exchange, travel info, and taxi services in the same area, for instance.

The selection of restaurants expands continuously, and all of them are ready to cater not only to departing and arriving passengers but to all those meeting or dropping people off.

As you move around the airport, you can also find information in the manners already familiar to you, from Finavia's info point in the corridor between terminals to airport guides.

Accurate details

Helsinki Airport's train station is mainly under the responsibility of its developer, the Finnish Transport Agency, while VR, the Finnish state railways, is in charge of the rolling stock and HSL, Helsinki Region Transport, of the seamless operation of the trains.

Finavia ensures that passengers can easily find their way in both directions, from trains to flights and from flights to trains.

'Since last autumn, we have been working hard in conjunction with all parties to ensure the operational implementation will be as smooth as possible for the customer', Koski says.

Technical details, such as information board and ticket machine locations, have been discussed together. Likewise, safety issues have been carefully thought out and agreed conjointly.

Photo: Finnish Transport Agency

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