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Departing from Helsinki Airport on 12–14 February? Check out peak hours and winter holiday tips here.

10.2.2015 at 10:00
The winter holiday season in Southern Finland is kicking off, and a large number of passengers will depart from Helsinki Airport to skiing holidays, beach holidays and urban holidays in Lapland and Central Europe.

Prepare for the peak hours and arrive well on time at the airport if your flight departs on:

Terminal 1

  • 14 February at 10-11 am or 17-18 pm

Terminal 2

  • 12 February at 20-21 pm
  • 13 February at 7-9 am or 16–18 pm
  • 14 February at 7-9 am or 4–6 pm

Our "Departure" page is the easiest way of checking your flight schedules, packing instructions, parking prices and available parking spots as well as check-in hours, security inspection instructions and service opening hours.

Packing skiing and other snow equipment

Do not carry any  ski wax removers, fluorinated ski wax, heaters or lock antifreeze. They are not allowed on board. Please also check your ski bags for these items.

Please notify if you will take an avalanche rescue backpack with you when you book your flight or, at the latest, at check-in, as you will need the permission of the airline to carry it.

Keep the backpack and the cartridges together. You can either carry them on board or as checked in baggage. Please note that the airbags in the rescue pack must be fitted with pressure relief valves.

Pack skis and snow boards in appropriate transport bags. Remove all old tags and loose ends. Tie straps and other cords together to prevent them from getting stuck in the baggage conveyors.

Our "Arrivals" page is a convenient way of looking up your flight details, parking and public transport information and service opening hours.

If you are picking up people returning from holiday, check the flight information, parking instructions and services on our "Short visit" page.