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Finnish Transport Agency: Train station at Helsinki Airport opens by 10 July

Article published
4.6.2015 at 10:16
Architectural visualization of  Helsinki Airports train station.
The Ring Rail Line opens for train traffic on 1 July. The train station at the airport will be opened by 10 July due to the delay in the construction.

According to the Finnish Transport Agency, the Helsinki Airport train station will be opened as soon as the western entrance on Tietotie is finalised.

The direct entrance to the terminal will be opened later in the autumn.

Before the train station at the airport is ready, the Finnish Transport Agency will organise a complementary bus transport between the Aviapolis train station and the airport terminals. The bus ride to the airport takes about five minutes, and the buses run at about five minute interval during the operating hours of the train service. Later on, there will be further announcements regarding the temporary transport arrangements.

The buses to Helsinki Airport, such as the regional route 615 and the Vantaa route 61, will continue to operate as normal.

Source: Finnish Transport Agency press release 4 June 2015