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Finns' trust in Finavia has increased

Article published
19.2.2015 at 08:45
Finavia was able to consolidate its image in 2014. In the eyes of the Finnish public, Finavia's strengths are professional staff, high-quality products and services, reliability and stability.

According to the corporate reputation and responsibility survey conducted by TNS Gallup, Finns consider professional staff, high-quality products and services, reliability and customer-orientation as Finavia's strengths. The 2013 survey had produced similar results though Finavia was now able to consolidate its reputation as a stable company.

- During the last few years we have been working hard to improve the quality of our services and the level of customer satisfaction at Helsinki Airport and at network airports. As a result, people are more satisfied with our services and this can now also be seen in the way in which we are perceived by the public. We are pleased that Finns have higher trust in us, says Mikko Saariaho, Finavia's Communications Director.

In the survey, Finavia was listed in the services reference group and it was ranked well above the average in the group.

- The factors that have strong influence on our corporate image include active communications and close cooperation with our stakeholders and customers. The joint aim of Finavia, the airlines and the companies operating at the airports is to provide passengers with a travelling experience that is as pleasant as possible. It would be difficult to create a smooth travel path without close cooperation and active communications, says Saariaho.

A total of about 10,000 Finns responded to the survey and about 500 of them gave their opinion of Finavia.