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Flights to Sweden from Helsinki Airport – take a look at the new destinations

Article published
7.4.2015 at 10:40
An airplane landing to runway.
Finnair is to begin operating flights to Luleå and Umeå from Helsinki Airport, flying seven times a week during the summer season to these coastal towns by the Gulf of Bothnia.

The flights will begin on 18 May 2015, and they will be operated by Flybe Finland.

Additionally, the former Flybe Finland destinations of Norrköping in central Sweden and Visby on the idyllic island of Gotland will become scheduled Finnair flight destinations.

Finnair will fly to Norrköping seven times a week and to Visby three times a week during the summer season. The airline also operates several daily flights to Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Source: Finnair press release