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Fly Inn successful again at HelsinkiMenu comparison

Article published
2.3.2015 at 14:51
A restaurant at airport.
The jury thanked Helsinki Airport’s restaurant of bringing a fine dining experience to the airport.

Fly Inn Restaurant Deli’s HelsinkiMenu was ranked third in 2015 in the annual HelsinkiMenu comparison. The delicious menu, excellent service and a fine dining experience were mentioned as arguments for the high ranking.

In 2014 Fly Inn ranked fourth in the same comparison.

HelsinkiMenu, established in 2000, is part of the Taste of Finland concept, where restaurants prepare a city menu that highlights locality and seasons.

- HelsinkiMenu is alive and kicking. That is my impression after tasting the 11 menus of autumn 2014. This is something we could only dream about 15 years ago. HelsinkiMenu clearly is important to all the restaurants involved into the concept, says Pekka Timonen, Secretary General of Finland 100, a project choosing the HelsinkiMenu restaurant in 2015.

Source: Ruokatieto press release 25.02.2015

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