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A good airport is becoming even better

30.9.2015 at 06:00
Great services, efficient processes, and standing out from the others are increasingly emphasized in competition between airports. Helsinki Airport’s development programme brings large investments in the same.

‘We want to further enhance our good processes and improve our level of service’, sums up Finavia project manager Martti Nurminen.    

Helsinki Airport has started to implement a development programme that extends to 2020. 

‘Everything is based on cost-efficient infrastructure solutions, such as those that increase safety and make the turnaround process of aircraft smoother. We are fine-tuning the airport’s machinery to ensure optimal operation and service.  

The compact unit will remain unchanged

The expansion of the airport is proceeding in accordance with the ‘one-roof’ concept. This means that even all the new services will be placed in one building.

‘We will keep Helsinki Airport as a compact unit where distances remain short, services are easily accessible, and using them is smooth’.

‘The one-roof model supports the growth of transit traffic. Getting from one gate to the next is fast and easy’, Nurminen states.

Expansion of the terminal is proceeding in three phases

The construction and commissioning of the additional facilities at Helsinki Airport, the launch of the new services and the enhancement of travel are occurring in three phases by the year 2020.

‘Content, costs and schedules will become more precise as the planning proceeds. If necessary, we can flexibly react to changes in the market situation’, Nurminen points out.

In the first phase, which starts at the beginning of next year, the terminal building will be expanded by

75,000 square metres, the number of aircraft stands for wide-bodied aeroplanes will be doubled, and the luggage handling capacity will be increased by more than half from the current level.

At a later stage, Finavia will expand the current second terminal to the ground traffic area. At the same time, check-in, security control, and the baggage claim will be concentrated in one departure/arrival hall.

The terminal’s commercial services and parking and public transport arrangements will also be overhauled.

Finavia plans to utilise digital solutions when planning and introducing new services and Finnish materials and decoration solutions in designing facilities for passengers. Various worlds of light and sound will bring novel experiences to the lounge facilities.

The budget for Finavia’s development programme is approximately 900 million euro. The goal is to strengthen Helsinki Airport’s position both in international competition between airports and as a significant hub in air traffic between Europe and Asia.

This expansion will help Helsinki Airport serve 20 million annual passengers in 2020.

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