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How to ensure a successful holiday

15.5.2015 at 06:00
Your holiday is likely to go well if your expectations are not too high and you don't worry too much. I believe it's important to allow time for finding and experiencing new things. Just focus on enjoying the holiday time!

The right attitude is crucial but it still pays to figure out a few things beforehand.

Choose your destination well

What do you expect from your holiday? Maybe a sandy beach with some history, local culture, and family fun suitable for kids thrown in?

These days many want to invest a lot of effort into ensuring a good holiday, because it is seen as an important break from everyday life. Quality and convenience are high priorities.

This often requires the help of a travel agency expert; not least because many have less time than before to devote to getting to know the destination. Of course, some travellers start to map their wishes with the help of the Internet and then turn to a travel agent for confirmation of their plans.

You could well say that travel agents have become information providers whose opinions are sought to complement the anonymous information available online. We are often asked about our own travel experiences. 

I usually give some concrete tips: for example, it is always a good idea to bring your own washing and sunscreen products to Cuba, as they are often not available in shops and hotel minimarket prices are based on the scarce supply of these products. The first and foremost requirement on hiking trips is a pair of good sturdy shoes that have already been broken in.

You should always check the validity of your travel documents and vaccinations. Some countries require your passport to be valid for a long period after the trip. Study your destination enough to at least have an idea about how to get around.

Ensure your insurance coverage is up to date. Personally, I would never travel without insurance, but I still occasionally meet people who think they don't need any, as 'nothing has ever happened to me so far'.

Solo travel is gaining in popularity

People of all ages like to travel on their own nowadays. If you choose a package tour, you don't need to worry about organising the details. Even young travellers who work hard day in and day out appreciate the opportunity just to relax for a week, if they so wish. If you are after some peace, hotels intended only for adults could be your thing.

Many solo travellers like excursions. City tours always prove popular, and they allow you to get to know the destination easily, without needing to hire a car. What's best, socialising is completely voluntary. Half board is a handy option if don't feel like going out to look for a dinner place on your own every evening.

Another tip for a successful holiday is to complement the package with extra services booked beforehand. If the service you are after is not available at the moment, we can always find out more about it through the personnel at the destination. One of their tasks is to collaborate to create an unforgettable holiday experience for you.

Have a great holiday!

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