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This is how Helsinki Airport will look like in 2020

Article published
15.6.2015 at 11:20
Helsinki Airport's development programme is proceeding towards the terminal extension phase. These images illustrate how the airport will look like in 2020.

Terminal extension will start in the early 2016 with building the southern terminal wing.

Building of the western terminal wing is estimated to start during summer 2017.

Eight jet bridges for wide body aircraft will be built on the apron area.

The amount of jet bridges for wide body aircraft will be doubled from eight to sixteen.

Travelling will become even more convenient as there will be less need for bus transportations to airplanes.

Illustration of the airport's interior in 2020.

The interior design of the terminal will have a strong Finnish feel.

Different light and sound solutions will create different atmospheres inside the terminal.

Distances will remain short and services easily accessible despite terminal extension.

New digital solutions and experience-rich services are utilized more and more in the new extended terminal.