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How we look after families with children during a flight

8.10.2015 at 06:00
Children are well cared for both at the airport and on the aeroplane. Some services differ between travel agencies.

Families travelling with children are taken into account and offered special services already at the airport. Finnair's Special Passengers check-in desk in Terminal 2 serves families flying on Finnair's holiday flights.

Helsinki Airport has a dedicated security check line for families with children, and it has been very well received. The line is in use for morning and afternoon flights.

Prams are always transported in the cargo hold, and Finnair and a few other airlines offer free protective bags for prams and strollers carried in the cargo hold at the check-in desk. If your airline doesn't offer this service, you can hire a protective bag at the service point at Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport has a dedicated security check line for families with children.

Airlines have different rules for bringing strollers to the gate. Umbrella strollers can usually be taken all the way to the gate, where they are sent to the cargo hold.

If you send the stroller to the cargo hold at the check-in desk at Helsinki Airport, you can borrow one in the gate area. These strollers are best suited for children over one year of age.

Check the services travel agencies offer to families with children:


  • Families travelling with kids are called to board first on holiday flights.
  • The movie selection includes options suitable for the entire family.
  • Meals must be purchased. You can order meals for children under 12 years for EUR 9.00 for both flights, and it will be served before the adults’ meals.
  • Children under 2 years get a small surprise bag.
  • When you travel back home, Tjäreborg's own hotels offer the popular Easy Travel service: you go through the check-in at the hotel and your luggage is taken directly from there to the cargo hold. 

Aurinkomatkat uses Finnair's holiday flights:

  • Available space and safety rules permitting, strollers and baby seats can be carried in the cabin.
  • Families with children are invited to board first and the little ones get activity packs.
  • Services available for a fee include baby baskets on intercontinental flights and meals for flights within Europe. All meals are free of charge on long-haul routes.
  • On holiday flights, you can watch movies suitable for the entire family.

Finnmatkat flights:

  • You can order meals for children under 12 years for EUR 11.00–15.00 for both flights.
  • Meals for children under 2 years are free of charge.
  • All children are given activity packs.
  • The movie list includes family movies, and often cartoons. 

Lomamatkat and MatkaVekka flights are operated by Finnair holiday flights or the group's own charter flights (Primera Air):

  • Primera flights offer the possibility to pre-order hot meals for children at EUR 13.00 for both flights.
  • Seats can also be pre-booked for a fee.
  • Children can sometimes visit the cockpit if the weather is good and the flight proceeds smoothly.

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