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New bus connection between Helsinki Airport and Hakaniemi

9.11.2015 at 12:33
Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) will introduce a new commuter line, 617, which will be available between Hakaniemi and Helsinki Airport during peak hours.

"Hakaniemi is an excellent terminal point because it has good connections to all directions", says Tero Anttila, head of the public transport unit of HSL.

Bus 617 will be available every 30 minutes during peak hours. The route goes from Hakaniemi to Tuusulanväylä and Kehä III, which will improve the traffic connections of air passengers and those working at the airport.

The new bus line will be introduced on 16 November 2015. For the schedules and route map, please visit the HSL website.

At the same time, HSL will also increase the capacity of line 615. Multi-axle buses will be used to provide more space.

Please visit the Finavia website for more information about the airport's train and bus connections.