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New information for security control: Tablets’ protective cases should be detached

24.2.2015 at 14:07
As of March 1, the security control specifications of the new EU regulation will be followed at airports.

Protective cases should be detached from tablets, laptops and other electronic devices before placing the items on the security control conveyor belt and into the baggage scan.

The new policy only applies to devices larger than pocket size (A5). For instance, it is not necessary to detach the protective case of a traditional smartphone.

Detaching the protective cases enables a more thorough inspection of electronic devices in security control.

–You can expedite the security check by removing your devices from their cases in advance. Place the case in your hand luggage for the duration of the security control, for instance, says special expert Arja Pulliainen in a press release from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi.

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