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A new look for airport service advisers

Article published
18.1.2015 at 07:00
Service advisers have new threads at all 24 of Finavia's airports.

Airports in Finland were given a new, modern vibe at the start of 2015 when Finavia's service advisers donned their new uniforms.  

'The old outfits didn't really suit our current tasks. We wanted to update them for today's sensibilities,' says Heidi Nousiainen, in charge of well-being at work for Finavia.

The key words for the design process were 'ecological', 'distinctive', 'easy-care', and 'versatile'.

Design that involved the staff

The new outfits were designed by the Helsinki-based Touchpoint. The brief inspired their team from the get-go.

'We really enjoyed this commission as Finavia aimed to move away from the old, officer-style uniforms,' explains Carita Peltonen, Touchpoint's founder and sales and marketing director.

The request was for clothes that are comfortable and have a modern visual appeal. 'Our challenge was to come up with a solution that takes into account the multitude of tasks these personnel perform – their uniforms must suit a wide range of functions,' explains Peltonen.

Finavia staff were involved throughout the design process. Touchpoint suggested the use of Pontella, the woollen fabric remaining from the previous Finavia collection. The idea was accepted, and the fabric was used in the details of the new garments.

A marriage with something old, something new, ... The old in this new collection is represented by use of the excess material and the colour scheme, something blue. The 'borrowed' element comes from the runway pattern.

Shared values as a solid basis for co-operation

Both parties are happy with both the process and the end result.

'Right from the first meeting, we had a common language with regard to our values,' says Peltonen.

Ecological benefits and ethical production, along with a responsible approach in all business activities, are core values for Finavia's decision-makers too.

'So far, we have received positive feedback from the users of these clothes. The materials are well-liked and the outfits considered stylish,' Nousiainen reports.

The new uniforms' functionality can be properly evaluated only when all 200 service advisers have put the new kit to the test in day-to-day work.

Photo: Aki Rask

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